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March is Women's History Month!

TWL Law is proud to contribute by recognizing incredible women! Enjoy!

Helen Mark, Nurse Clinician

Helen Mark is an incredible woman. Helen Graduated nursing school in 1978 and spent the next 40 years working with Women's College Hospital. At the start of her career, Helen was a nurse on the surgical floor and then moved into family practice. Approximately 20 years ago, Helen moved to the Breast Cancer Centre where she was involved in every aspect; from diagnosis, treatment to reconstruction. Helen eventually became manager of the Breast Cancer Centre.

Helen later became involved with the implementation of the Ontario Breast Cancer Screening program. In the latter years of her career she focused on being a patient advocate and helping navigate patients through the diagnosis and treatment process. During this time, she also focused her clinical work on breast reconstruction. She was an innovator in patient-centred care and was renowned within the hospital and the breast cancer community for her compassionate patient care and support.

Countless patients have credited Helen with being the key to their ability to cope with their diagnosis and treatment. With the patient always being Helen’s focus, she founded the breast reconstruction workshops at Women’s College Hospital, which has become a model for enabling prospective reconstruction patients to hear directly from leading health care providers in the field and make informed decisions regarding their treatment options.

In 2011, Helen was recognized by Cancer Care Ontario and honoured with the Human Touch Award, which recognizes exemplary patient care. Helen retired from the Breast Cancer Centre in December 2017.

Helen - thank you for dedicating the last 40 years of your work-life to providing a better life for patients living with cancer. The world is lucky to have you! Happy Women's History Month!


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