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Become a Supplier


When it comes to supporting inclusion, we think big.

Why Supplier Diversity?

Studies have demonstrated that often because of their size, reach, plus other factors, diversity suppliers have operated at a relative disadvantage when attempting to access new opportunities.  


As a WBE Certified business, we work tirelessly to find new ways to contribute to Diversity & Inclusion, and launching our own Supplier Diversity Program was the next logical step for our business on its exciting journey. 



To participate in our Supplier Diversity Program, only certified diverse suppliers are considered eligible. If the for-profit business is certified, and 51 percent or more owned, controlled, and managed by person(s) who belong to one of the following groups: Aboriginal peoples, woman, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ, visible minorities, then the business is considered eligible and can register with us regarding participation. 

If your business is not eligible to participate in our Supplier Diversity Program, but would like to register to become a supplier through our general suppliers program, please send your company and services information to 


Our Commitment

TWL Law is committed to working with and bringing opportunity to diverse businesses; including businesses that are representative of Aboriginal peoples, women, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ, visible minorities, and businesses that demonstrate a diverse and representative workforce and business culture.  


How do we apply to become a supplier?

Suppliers are invited to send their company and services information to We evaluate suppliers based on:

1. Risk management, and policies around Privacy and Security

2. Experience

3. Business capabilities

4. Insurance coverage(s)

5. Ability to demonstrate a diverse and representative workforce, business culture and business ethic.

6. Environmental awareness

**Please note that registering does not guarantee that your business will be selected to become a supplier.

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