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Insurance Litigation

We bring over a decade defending & acting on behalf of individuals and insurers including large national insurance companies.

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Popular Services

  • Complex Litigation

  • Accident Benefits

  • Bodily Injury Defence

  • Insurance Coverage Opinions

  • Professional Negligence

  • Tort Litigation

  • Disputes Between Insurers

  • Casualty and Property Claims

  • Insurance Coverage Issues

  • Commercial Liability

  • Anti Fraud

  • Facility Liability

  • Sport and Recreation Liability

  • Claims Defense

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Mediation, Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Life/Disability/Health Coverage Issues

  • Claims Management

Cost Control

Our job is to stretch every dollar in your legal budget as far as it will go without ever sacrificing quality.  That's the reason why we aim at creating process efficiencies so that we can pass cost savings across to you.


We bring to the table extensive experience managing high volumes of inbound files while working with businesses of all sizes including but not limited to National Insurance and Financial Companies. 


We offer a proven history successfully arguing contested motions and the ability to successfully generate results at mediation and on the doorsteps of trial. We bring experience providing early case assessments across high volumes of files and we handle all aspects of a file including preparing for trial.

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Coverage Opinions and Disputes

TWL Law provides services to the insurance, brokerage and risk management community and we tailor our services to match the major components of a comprehensive coverage risk management program centered on both first party and third party insurance products.

We are available to provide detailed and reasoned opinions that are needed in the complex nature of these type of disputes. 

As a result of the first party nature of such claims, we take great care to employ vetting systems on these matters to ensure that our advice is sound and that our clients are protected in the positions they take on coverage. 

Property and Commercial General Liability 

  • We can defend a wide variety of construction type claims, defending contractors and subcontractors responsible for all different aspects of the construction process.

  • We handle complex first party, subrogated and general negligence matters relating to commercial general liability and property losses. 

Commercial Host Liability

  • We have experience acting for insurers who specialize in providing coverage to commercial liquor hosts including event venues, restaurants, taverns, clubs, bars and pubs. 


  • We handle complex first party, subrogated and general negligence matters relating to commercial general liability and property losses. 

  • We bring proven experience advising insurers on their litigation defence needs.

  • We understand that vigorous and exacting defences are crucial in this highly specialized and aggressively expanding area of law.

  • We offer a common sense and cost-effective approach to handling claims including disputes involving short and long-term disability, critical illness, life and health insurance matters.

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Early Case Assessments

We understand the value in conducting early case assessments. We bring extensive experience providing early case assessments across high volumes of inbound files while working with small, medium and large businesses.

Statistically, industry norms say that a high volume of files will often settle before going to trial, and we have found that to be true. We have also found and recognize that there can be significant cost savings realized for clients when early assessments reduce the length of time invested in determining an outcome. We always aim to fuse the best legal outcome with maximum cost 
effectiveness, value and efficiency.

Accident Benefits License Appeal Tribunal 

  • Experience defending claims within the FSCO and ADR arbitral forums.


  • Ability to navigate the emerging License Appeal Tribunal (LAT) system.

Bodily Injury Defence

  • Expertise that encompasses a broad range of sub specialty practice areas, including Commercial Liability (including Resort and Tavern claims), Occupiers’ Liability and Motor 
    Vehicle Liability.


Sports and Recreation Liability

  • Sporting and recreational accidents cause serious injuries and as such, this area brings with it significantly elevated risks.

  • We have experience defending personal injury litigation on behalf of recreational facilities, sport associations, equipment manufacturers, municipalities and conservation authorities.

Occupiers Liability

  • Whether the dispute revolves around coverage, liability or damages, our approach is to balance aggression and efficiency to ensure that the particular needs of each client are appropriately addressed.

Professional Negligence/Errors & Omissions

  • We handle claims for a broad range of professionals including, but not limited to lawyers, building inspectors, mortgage brokers, accountants and various types of health professionals.

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • We possess the skill and experience necessary to assist both insurers and claimants in coming 
    to consensus resolutions, no matter how complex the legal or factual landscape.

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Anti-Fraud Litigation

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Complex Litigation

Tap into our Litigation talent with a proven history defending and acting on behalf individuals and large National Insurers.

—  Shana Nodel J.D., Principal Lawyer & Head of Litigation

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