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Law and the Modern Customer Experience

When speaking with new customers, I'm often surprised to learn that sometimes, there are still certain negative connotations that they carry when considering working with a Law Firm. Assumptions such as astronomical fees, difficulties in timely access to their litigators, and a lack of trust just to name a few. The customer experience is a top priority for us.

In today's digital age, there is simply no excuse for anything less than a modern customer journey. We have found that customers remain loyal because of the experience that they receive. Put simply - if we cannot meet their expectations, they will look elsewhere.

The upside is that a modern customer journey can be supported well through the following:

1. An empowered workforce that strives for shared goals around customer experience

2. Smart deployment of technologies that support safe, speedy and reliable communication

3. Progressive and reasonable options around fees and payment arrangements

4. Complimentary initial consultations

5. Measurable financial value

At TWL Law, we support all of the above and all while promoting a diverse and inclusive environment. We understand and appreciate how much your legal matter means to you and just how stressful engaging a Law Firm can be. That is why we treat all our customers the way we would want to be treated and all matters as if they were our own.

Reach out, we’re here to help.

Shana Nodel J.D.

Principal Lawyer & Head of Litigation


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