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Hero In Focus: Jane Smithson, BScN, MHS, Registered Nurse & Front Line Worker

Meet Jane Smithson, a real life superhero. She is a Registered Public Health Nurse working on the front lines in Halton Region at a Call Centre.

Jane spends much of her time speaking to and supporting community members calling in for phone assessments. She provides callers with information and direction on how to stay safe.

Based on assessment criteria, Jane will send people for testing and or provide next steps advice. Jane manages this vital high volume work all while successfully raising her two daughters and taking care of her parents.

Jane, what can people do to stay safe?

  • Stay home if you don’t need to go out

  • Grocery shop once a week or every two weeks, but do not hoard groceries.

  • If possible, help a community member in need if they are self-isolating and need help getting essentials.

  • Social distancing 2 metres or 6 feet away from others is key when outside.

  • Hand washing and or use of hand sanitizer and disinfecting frequently touched areas in your house.

  • If you develop symptoms of new onset cough, fever (37.8 degree celsius), shortness of breath, call your local public health unit to be assessed over the phone and let your workplace know.

Jane, thank you for working tirelessly to protect us, and for putting your own health at risk to do so. Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed.


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