Work From Home Spotlight With Recruitment Pro Reetendra Desai

By: Reetendra Desai, Resource Manager, ARES Staffing Solutions

So there I am, going about my life as a professional Recruiter, often thinking about how Artificial Intelligence technology could impact the life of recruiters today, and in the future…

Suddenly Everything changes.

Wow did my life change, but it had nothing to do with artificial intelligence! Suddenly I went from enjoying all of the wonderful things that come with working in a great environment with great teams, to working alone, virtually, navigating and adapting to this new environment. Suddenly I only get to see my teams through a screen. Suddenly I’m living through a global pandemic!

How did it affect you?

I’m an extrovert. I’m the kind of person that loves meeting people and having long meaningful conversations. I love live music and a good party. Being social is important to me and staying home seven days a week has not been an easy thing for me to do.

Any life lessons to share?

I have learned this through my journey in agile, be flexible and most importantly, be adaptable. These challenging times have presented me with a wonderful opportunity to re-think and re-engineer so many aspects of my business and personal life.

How has it changed your life as a Recruitment Professional?

The situation has not stopped me from building new relationships and offering high quality recruitment services. It has actually presented me with an interesting opportunity to change my beautiful world view of recruitment and really focus on the quality of the recruitment life cycle that I follow. I find that it’s also making me more creative in the process, and I’m also connecting with more job seekers in different time zones.

It’s all about relationships.

For me, creating meaningful client relationships and a high quality candidate experience is as important to me as Biryani (a tasty dish from India). In this new virtual world, I utilize the amazing technology based resources available to me to help support my relationship building efforts. My time, energy and initiatives are further directed to create great candidate experiences.

While there is an abundance of technologies available for online collaboration (such as Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts), I don’t only use these online collaboration applications for recruitment; I also use them to connect with my family and friends. I also use these tools for a virtual date with my lovely wife in India; we have our virtual movie dates where we watch Netflix shows and movies together.

I miss all of my colleagues, clients and candidates. Even though so many people are now working from home, I still feel that I am still connected with everyone, and in certain ways, just like before.

What about off hours?

While not recruiting I keep myself smiling by trying cool things like cooking up a new recipe, baking, running, acting as a professional home organizer, as well as making and relishing in innovative cocktails.

If you are ready to get into your dream role, don’t let the pandemic stop you! The show must go on! I can help you get there. If you think I can be of any to help you, just reach out.



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