Watching Businesses Adapt In A Small Town By Biz Dev Pro Art Gray

By: Guest Author, Art Gray, Nappan Consulting

I live in a small town and I work in a big city.

Over the past few months I’ve seen a variety of social media posts from different businesses concerned about their business's survival. I’ve witnessed politicians offering support and workers and businesses all working to adapt to the new economic environment. 

One of the most interesting adaptations that I’ve witnessed is right here in the small town in which I live. 

In this case it was a small but popular bakery known as Doher’s, named as the sweetest bakery in Canada two years in a row! Doher’s sells pies, bread and their very popular donuts through their store front bakery.

This wonderful bakery adapted by partnering with the local grocery store which could remain open and they began to sell their baked goods via the grocery store. They advertised the changes over social media letting customers know that they can buy their products at the local grocer.

With the initial success they soon began taking email orders arranging pick-up on a weekly basis at the grocery store.  By doing this, they kept bakery staff employed, expanded their network and reached out to clients with signage at the main retail site directing clients to the grocery store for their products.

Lesson learned: If you have a great product and loyal customers along with some creativity, it’s possible to continue to build and develop your business even during these challenging times.

I encourage us all to help small business owners restart and reopen. Small businesses and entrepreneurs play such an important role in rebuilding our economy and they deserve support.

Stay safe,



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