The Benefits of Being Proactive

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Too often, I bump into legal matters that could have been completely avoided by using a proactive and preventative approach to legal risk. Whether it is Insurance, Business, Employment or Civil Litigation issues, it's quite common to see people and businesses tackling new legal problems after they have occurred. This doesn’t have to be case. Would it not be great to be able to prevent legal issues before they happen?

The benefits of prevention can be enjoyed by exercising a risk management strategy. There are several reasons why we recommend a "prevention-first" approach when managing legal risk:

  • Save money - We have found that legal spend is usually higher when being reactive as opposed to proactive. Implementing a proactive risk management strategy can help reduce costs by potentially avoiding issues before they ever happen.

  • Enjoy the benefits of a trusted advisor - Your lawyer(s) can take more time to get to know you and your unique business, and the complexities that surround your operation. This allows you and your business to enjoy having a trusted advisor readily available to help navigate questions and issues that may arise, with a proactive view of your business landscape.

  • Speed - A "prevention-first" approach, often allows the response to an issue to occur faster, because your lawyer already understands your business and its nuances.

What can I do?

  • Make the decision to engage a Law Firm long before a legal matter arises.

  • Select a Law Firm that takes the time to get to know you and the needs of your business. In our opinion, a Law Firm should offer a modern customer experience which includes Engagement Agreements that are clear, easy to understand and well explained.

  • Work with a Law Firm that offers and can demonstrate cost effective work procedures and fees that are transparent.

  • Work with a Law Firm that has a history of protecting the needs of businesses proactively, and can demonstrate a smart and effective methodology when approaching the legal analysis of your business.

  • Select a Lawyer that has experience in legal analysis and providing early case assessments across high volumes of sophisticated business matters. There can be significant cost savings realized for clients when early assessments reduce the length of time invested in determining an outcome. Early assessments can also assist in avoiding issues altogether.

  • Select a Law firm that is capable of handling all aspects of a legal matter including preparing for trial. This allows you to enjoy a proactive approach that is capable of assessing further into the future.

Thanks for taking the time to read our latest blog post. Should our Law Firm be in the fortunate position of having your consideration, we look forward to helping you!


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