Living Alone During A Pandemic

By: Katyayni Sharma, Resource Manager, ARES Staffing Solutions, Guest Author

When I moved to Toronto, I was ready for and dare I say, looking forward to, some alone time. I had done my research on the city, career prospects and came with a long list of places that I should/would explore. One year and countless hours of networking later, I made a few friends in the city and started calling it home. Although I enjoy my solitude, nothing could have prepared me for the state of the world that we are currently in.

These days the screens that host my work meetings also carry the burden of my social life. It can be hard not to feel lonely, but 10 weeks in, I’m adjusting well to being alone. So, I’m listing below a few things that have helped me navigate this situation, with the hope that these would help you too.

Follow a routine - I’m a stickler for blocking time for activities at work or otherwise. Having some structure during times of uncertainty has helped me and might help you too.

Be mindful - It may sound like a cliche but it is okay to not be okay. Being mindfully aware of what we are feeling and why we are feeling that is important. Distress is normal during these circumstances - it is a scary time that we are living in. Remind yourself why you are staying at home, try to see the bigger picture - you’re doing your part to help slow the spread of the disease in your community. In case it helps, here's a quick introductory video on mindfulness by Happify.

Move a little - It is important to get some exercise in - whether that’s pacing in your apartment, dancing in your living room, or streaming home workouts (I find myself drawn to the MWH method) - find something that feels right for you, and do it regularly. It should boost your mood.

Find a creative outlet - I’ve been photographing sunsets from my apartment for the last 2 months and am planning to do a fun 1 minute video on “sunsets of quarantine” when this is over. I’ve also taken up fluid acrylic painting. Things don’t have to be perfect. Find something that you enjoy doing, and share pictures with us!

Call/video the people that you care about - I have daily check-ins set up with my family and friends back in India and elsewhere in the world. People I haven’t spoken to in years are reaching out. It’s a strange time. We are all feeling it. It’s okay to pick up the phone and say hello or, if you are like me, send calendar invites to schedule calls.

All said, be kind to yourself and take the time to do what you want (even if it’s to do nothing - which is something that I do frequently) without any guilt.

Stay healthy and safe,



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