How To Grow Vegetables In a Pot

By: Jack Nodel, CEO (and half-decent tomato grower)

COVID-19 has caused trips to the grocery store to become quite a bit more stressful than they used to be. With outdoor growing season right around the corner, now may be the right time to sharpen our veggie growing skills.

Don't have a garden or a backyard? No problem. There are several vegetables that can be grown in containers, and on balconies, and best of all, growing is very zen, which is perfect for helping the mind and body cruise through this pandemic.

Step #1. Pick your spot

Once you have selected a location for your containers or garden, study the amount of light and intensity of the light in your chosen spot so that you can select varieties that are suitable. Different vegetable varieties require different light levels.

Step #2. Pick from a list of vegetables that will do well in your setting

Tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and arugula can do quite well in containers. If you have a ground based garden, or plan on creating one, then with the right amount of light, the sky is the limit! There are endless online resources that help beginner and advanced gardeners get started with in-depth data regarding each vegetable variety and its specific requirements.

Step #3. Order your seeds, soil, and containers online

Ordering online and curbside delivery has made gardening during COVID-19 a breeze. If you are ordering containers, make sure that they are suitable for growing vegetables. You want to make sure that there is enough drainage so that the roots of your plants don’t rot. Don’t forget to order any gardening tools that you don’t have!

Step #4. Plant, water and wait

Once all of your seeds, soil, gardening tool and containers arrive, put on your gloves and set things up. Make sure to follow the instructions that you gather from your research for the best success.

Step #5. Enjoy!

You'll know when it's time to pick because your tomatoes will be red and ripe, and your greens will be proud and healthy to your eyes. Fresh veggies taste great!

Enjoy and stay healthy!


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