A Mediators View: The Importance Of Prioritizing Time For Social Relationship Building

Author: Philip Kriszenfeld, B.A Q., Med FEA, Business Family Advisor and Mediator

One of the terms that have come to notoriety during the COVID-19 pandemic is “social distancing.” During this time, the World Health Organization (WHO) suggested favouring the term “physical distancing,” & I happen to agree. Humans are ultra-social species. Strong social relationships affect all parts of life, including our level of happiness in the family business.

There is heaps of research that suggests that social connections make people happier. Other people play a crucial role in our happiness. It is essential to be making a constant social investment in your relationships, especially when working in the family business.

We are increasingly working alone from home; we must not forget to prioritize time for social relationship building. Schedule a social Zoom meeting, & when you arrive, do not forget to smile. A smile can increase trust. Respond promptly to requests. We talked about this last week, but it is worth another mention; listen up & put that cell phone away. Tell a story. Work meetings do not have to be endless facts & figures.

We have the power to directly influence our level of happiness at work in the family business. What social relationship-building tools have you found to be effective?



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